Thursday, June 19, 2014

Love Is The Greatest Gift

I met  one of my Spiritual Guides today! The Spirit had previously told me that She would send guides to help me on my journey. I introduced myself and asked,  "which one are you"?  The response was Armadeus.  I asked, "what guidance and knowledge do you have for me today"?  I was told the meaning of the name.  The name  Armadeus is LOVE!

Of course the first thing that came to mind after hearing the name Armadeus was music.  I looked up Armadeus just for the fun of it and it means more than love.  It means the "love of God", derived from Latin amare "to love" and Deus "God".

I want to share an excerpt of what Armadeus said to me: "My love is for you to receive.  Take it into yourself and shed it abroad.  My direction for you is to allow me to fully saturate your mind, body and soul.  You do that by  loving the unloved. The Elders have given you the greatest gift of all.  You have been unloved now you will be loved by all and love all. Without love nothing survives or will survive that which is to come."~Amadeus 

Today and every day, I release love to you the greatest gift of all.  It is the greatest gift because with love you will be loved by all and love all.  Love is a signet and a sign for all to follow.  To love the unloved is the greatest purpose a human can fill. Allow love to saturate your mind, body and soul.  When you love yourself, you will then be able to love the unloved. 

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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