Tuesday, May 27, 2014

His Royal Highness Dr. John Dramani Mahama on Democracy Fund

The Government of Ghana is committed to the process of rooting out corruption from our system. As part of this process, Government will provide the necessary funds to the anti-corruption institutions. The passage of the pending constitutional review will help the set-up of the "Democracy Fund", which will help improve resourcing of our anti-corruption agencies. We have within us the power to expose corruption on all levels that it may occur, and to demand transparency and accountability from our elected representatives.

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Before those of you with a negative spirit begin to criticize the President of The Republic Of Ghana, His Grace Mahama, in my opinion, he is doing more than his predecessors have done.   From what I can see, Dr. Mahama has not only gained the respect of other Afrikan Country leaders, but he has accomplished much in the short time that he has been in office! 

I read where someone challenged his personal spiritual faith.  Know that one's religious preference has nothing to do with their job and should not have ever entered the picture! It is so easy for us to stand back and tell the President what he should or should not do but until you have walked in a mans shoes, you cannot tell them how to walk!

Many Ghanians have sat back, whined and cried because of the economic conditions and low wages; comparing Afrikan Countries to the West.  To compare the US and Europe to Ghana is like comparing apples to oranges! Ghana is an infant Country as with most Afrikan countries. 

I think that if we all want to criticize anyone, we should all get together and go after the True culprits! That would be all those countries Afrikans must pay to be so-called free from colonization and apartheid.  It is these large conglomorant foreign countries from all around the World who are destroying the Country from the inside out.  You combine that  along with the Afrikans who do not support the economy by purchasing foreign products! Let us not forget the Afrikans who get an education then forsake Afrika and Afrikans for a Western lifestyle!  What then are the results?

Checks and balances is always a good thing to hold one accountable and culpable. None government agencies in conjunction to community and local leaders, private business owners and community action groups has always been great watch-dogs for government on government agencies and would be a great way to distribute stipend funds within communities for those diligently working within these community agencies with integrity.

Viva His Grace President John Dramani Mahama
May Afrika prosper and be restored beyond Her Former Beauty!
Hotep Light One Love
Apostle Rubie James 

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