Thursday, May 22, 2014

Brothers United Helping Brothers! It's About Damn Time!

Mr President John Dramani Mahama of the Republic of Ghana is awesome! There is no stopping him! No weapon formed against him shall prosper! This is why every Afrikan should support, pray for, release positive and say nothing but good! The S..t has got to stop somewhere! 

Allow Dr. #JohnDramaniMahama and our Royal Brothers (from another mother) #UnitedArabEmirates to take up where others left off  and where perhaps outside and foreign influences have kept the "Brothers" apart.

Know that it is NOT about YOU! It is about survival of  Royal Nations of Chosen peoples.

Afrikans and ALL people of Color home and abroad, particularly those of the Diaspora need to get the prophetic picture of the reality of this thing and understand! You can rest assure that the enemies of Afrika already know Truth.  These Truths have been kept from Afrikans and whitewashed in colonization and Christianity.  This is why the Nations of 'Color' has been degraded, wrongfully scrutinized, denigrated and kept down!  However Prophecy will be fulfilled!
It is the G-D who has elevated Dr. Mahama and will continue to raise him up and ALL of the people of Afrika, if they are willing to be uplifted and they had best get on board! 
It is YAH, Allah, the G-D; the Divine Creator, Mother/Father who has open doors and has set them before Mr. Mahama and doors will continue to be opened that has been shut for the True  Chosen Ones and Inheritors of the Kingdom!
This is our time! The time of Restoration has surly come! There is No-thing no one can do about it!  It's a Spiritual thing and no one can thwart the Divine Universal Mission!

"After meeting with the United Arab Emirates Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs, Sheikh Al Gaith, and some investors from the oil-rich country paid a courtesy call on the President, Mr John Dramani Mahama, at the Presidential Villa at Akosombo in the Eastern Region Wednesday. 

"I am pleased to tell you that we have secured a $100million grant from the UAE for infrastructure projects. Besides this grant, we have agreed that our partners from Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) will build a new 350MW combined cycle power plant that will also produce 100,000 cubic liters of desalinated water. The first 100 MW will be ready in 12 months."~His Honor Dr John D. Manama, President of the Republic of Ghana. your hearts out all of you foreign scammers, users and abusers from non Afrikan Countries!  Luckily, I am not a Ghanian Government official...I would raise your rents!

Catch the True Vision!

Hotep Light One Love!

Apostle Rubie James
REVELATION TODAY for the Nations  
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