Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Understanding Symbolism

Symbolism is the most powerful language of all languages one  can learn to speak. It has the power to inform, heal, and transform. We all react to symbols. All that we do and think symbolize something beyond words. 
Symbolism is the Universes way of speaking and revealing Mysteries to us that effect our emotions and physiology.  One receives understanding according to what level they are. Merely because your understanding may not be where my understanding is this does not imply that either of us are wrong.  It merely means that we are both uniquely working at our own level of comprehension.  Spirit deals with us right where we are.

Our Ancestors of ancient civilization knew what many are now learning and teaching today as new concepts!  
Unfortunately, many also reject these Truths thinking them not spiritual or that they are not an integral part of our godly DNA. Yet, they were given as gifts to us to help restore mankind back to god-hood as I AM. 

Any sickness, disease and imperfection in spirit soul and body is a sign that there is inner conflict within an individual’s life. 
This inner conflict, when left unattended and unmanaged is left to aggravate a clash between  one’s spirit/soul and physical existence, which   reveals itself  in the physical realm through   a host of maladies within the human body.  This is why  the phrase “Physician heal thyself”! 

In what is now called Egypt (Kemet), nothing achieved such popularity as medicine that was based on an integrated scientific methodology that treated mind, body and soul and was the first of its kind in human history.

Afrika was originally called  Alkebulan (Al-keb-u-lan),  rightfully interpreted ‘ Land of the Blacks’.  Our  Afrikan Ancestors from Tembuktu to Egypt, which is more correctly called Kemet were responsible for Kemestry (Chemi-stry).  The Greeks did not have a ‘k’ therefore, they used ‘ch’.  Thus, the word Kemet became Chemi, which is the root word for chemistry! 

Monotheism  did not start with Judaism or Christianity. The reason  our Ancestors were depicted as polytheistic is that the Greeks did not understand the scientific symbols  of  the names applied to chemistry  in Kemet.

The name Egypt came from the  Greek word  Hi Ku Pata, interpreted the  City of Tah.  Tah was a scientific symbol used by the Ancient Moors for uranium.  Those entities that were depicted as gods and goddesses  were actually scientific symbols.  

Every aspect of Ancient Afrikan life was represented with a symbol.  Non Afrikans, who infiltrated Afrika, because of the complexity of and their misunderstanding of the sciences used by Afrikans in Kemet or Egyptians, did not know or understand what they were looking at.  As a result of their misinterpretation and misjudgments, even today, of our Afrikan Ancestors are depictions  of evil assuming and false accusations of  polytheism and false god worship and witchcraft.  This is why the Europeans set out to “Europeanize" Africa through their religion of Christianity--"The Christianizing of Afrika". 

So now that you know how important symbolism is what do you do with that information?  How does one rightly interpret symbols?

When you have come into the knowledge and have learned  that when you look at symbols as a vantage-point to symptoms, whether spiritual/prophetic, mental, physical or social conditions,  you cannot  successfully deal with

one and not deal with the other. You  can then follow any error, problem or dysfunction back to its source  treat and correct them.

Djed Column Symbolizes stability

This is why the symbolism of our Ancestors, that of which was understood, was plagiarized  and stolen. The symbols  which were misunderstood or that they failed to capture the power of the Ancestors, has been denigrated and demonized as evil, false god worship and witchcraft. 

Therefore, it behooves us to learn true history above and beyond that of which we have been taught in the West and from the European mindset.  When one knows Truth one experiences freedom; freedom gives one peace that passes all understanding.

Learn more of the symbolisms of chemistry from Afrikan Genesis: Amazing Stories of Man's Beginnings by Ishakamusa Barashango.  Also The Myth of Genesis and Exodus and the Exclusion of Their African Origins  by YosefBen-Jochannan. 

Hotep (Peace) Light One Love!    
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